Admission to Top Business Schools is Extremely Competitive 

Every year, over 80% of the business school applicants have the academic ability, as demonstrated by their GMAT scores and GPAs, to handle their coursework. As a result, you will not get into a top-ranked MBA program just on the basis of a high GMAT score and strong undergraduate transcript.

In fact, even the ‘median’ (50 percentile) applicant at a top business school presents a very solid candidacy. He or she has not only a good GMAT score and GPA, but equally impressive career progression and extracurricular activities. He or she also has well-written essays that contain decent answers for why an MBA, why that particular MBA program, diversity, future career goals, etc. He or she will also present good essays to answer such tricky questions as the ethical dilemma and biggest professional failure.

This applicant, however, will always be rejected – well at least as .long as the acceptance rate to the most coveted business schools stays south of 50%.

Let AdmissionsConsultants® Be Your Competitive Advantage

The admissions committees at the selective programs are always looking for reasons to reject applicants. Quite simply, they just have too many highly-qualified applicants each year.

Successful applicants will:

  • Have strong overall themes, or strategies, for their applications including well thought-out reasons for wanting an MBA, wanting an MBA now, attending a particular business school, future career goals, etc.
  • Demonstrate they have thoroughly researched the schools to which they are applying and have realistic expectations for their business school educations
  • Successfully differentiate themselves from the other applicants along multiple dimensions and pack a powerful ‘wow’ factor into their applications

All of the MBA consultants at AdmissionsConsultants have admissions committee experience from a top business school*. These consultants will provide you with professional and comprehensive admissions consulting services. They will coach you on your optimal admission strategy, help you select the business schools that are best suited to your needs and future career goals, brainstorm with you for essay topics, proof your essays, consult you on your letters of reference, review your applications, and prep you for your admissions interviews.

Why You Should Choose AdmissionsConsultants

They are a comprehensive admissions consultancy. Some companies specialize in test prep or only proof your essays for grammatical errors. AdmissionsConsultants is qualified to take you through the entire admission cycle: positioning, strategy, essay topic selection, essay editing for content as well as grammar and wordsmithing, advice on letters of reference including the editing of these when the recommender allows you to draft it, application review, resume editing, and interview preparation. They will leave no stone unturned in their quest to maximize your admissions chances.

They have a successful track record. Each year, dozens of their applicants gain acceptance into HarvardWhartonKellogg, and Chicago, and many more applicants gain admission to StanfordLondon Business School and other top MBA programs. Over 80% of their Silver Package clients and over 95% of their Gold and Platinum Package clients got into at least one of their top-choice schools. Most of these clients were applying to top 10 American business schools too! The company has been around since 1996 and its success has allowed it to grow.

They offer hourly and a fixed-fee payment options. They are so confident in their services, that they will allow you to retain their services with a payment of only 1 hour and their fees are published on their website. Additionally, they will allow you to apply the cost of that hour to a fixed-fee application package should you decide to choose a fixed-fee and comprehensive payment option. (Their fixed-fee services are indeed comprehensive and they contain unlimited contact with your assigned consultant, unlimited essay revisions, and no hidden costs.) They don’t have to charge a large up-front fee because their services sell themselves.

They are very highly qualified. All of them have admissions committee experience and, collectively, they have made accept, reject, and waitlist decisions on hundreds of thousands of applications for the admissions committees of the world’s most selective business schools*. Each year they conduct dozens of interviews with admissions professionals at various American and international b-schools to ensure their knowledge base remains current. They are also thoroughly knowledgeable of the admission process as well as the post-MBA career opportunities that will be available to you. Perhaps most importantly, they each know exactly what the differences are between the median application and the top 10 to 20 percentile applications that get admissions offers at the most selective business schools. This is the experience you want in your corner as you go through the application process!

You can have a choice of consultants. Another benefit of working with a large, established admissions consultancy is that you will have a choice as to who your personal consultant will be. AdmissionsConsultants has both full-time and part-time consultants. They also have consultants who are MBAs with admissions committee experience as well as consultants who have spent their entire careers in admissions. They have veterans as well as consultants with backgrounds in strategy consulting, start ups, accounting, finance, marketing, product development, and IT. Their consultants live all across the U.S. and they do meet clients in person when geographic distance is not an issue. They probably have a consultant who is a very good match with your background.

You will have a whole team of dedicated consultants assigned to your candidacy to ensure your chances are truly maximized. If you only want help with one application, you will still have five (5) consultants each with very specifically defined responsibilities assigned to ensure you make the most out of your shot at that top-choice school. The more applications you work on, the more members assigned to your team!

You will work one-on-one with your consultant but you will still receive the benefit of the company’s collective admission knowledge. Working one-on-one will allow your consultant to get to know you very well. Should your candidacy present a particularly difficult or unusual issue, your consultant has internal resources readily available to him or her. In the very unlikely event that your consultant was to become ill right before a deadline, there are other consultants that can cover for him or her. You will not be dealing with a part-time hobbyist.

Your applications are extremely important to your future career goals. Let AdmissionsConsultants help you achieve your dreams.

How to Contact AdmissionsConsultants

For more information about rates and availability:

1.      Call them at 1.800.809.0800 (+1 703.242.5885 outside of Canada and the US)

2.      Email them at, or

3.      Click here to go directly to their site.

*AdmissionsConsultants has consultants with admissions committee experience from top schools including Harvard, Stanford, Wharton, Chicago, and many more. Each year, these consultants help applicants gain admission into each of the top 20 schools as well as many second-tier U.S. schools and many more top schools in Europe and Canada.

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